Blogger for Word

Has anyone used the blogger for word option? Looks like if you download the add-in, posting is possible from Microsoft Word and your pc. A blogger account is still required, naturally, but it might make things easier for students already familiar with Word and hesitant to use the online wysiwyg editor. About Blogger for Word has more detailed information and links to a FAQ help page as well.

I'm a bit hesitant to show this to my grad students. They are comfortable with posting weekly using the blog editor. A new way to post may add stress and they are a bit overwhelmed with technology at this point.

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Jen B said...

I haven't tried that Diane. I think you can also compose a post in your email and mail it to the blog, but I could be wrong. You're right, if they're comfortable posting with the blog editor, that might be good for now. I could see how it might be helpful for a teacher who isn't having students post directly to a blog. The teacher could have students turn in documents as a Word file and then he/she could easily publish them to the class blog - or whatever else they were using it for. Maybe you could just tell them that exists and they could brainstorm ways to use it. That would keep them from having to learn it, while still considering its uses.