OELMA Midwinter

Come to OELMA Midwinter 2006, Sat., March 11, 2006 in Columbus. (This is my experiment with posting. Hope it works!)



This site was posted on the ACRLog yesterday. It caught my attention for two reasons; it included a radio interview using flash, podcast, and mp3 technology, and the person interviewed was Joe Janes. "In this exclusive interview for InfoSpeak, Professor Janes points out how we all want to be heard; internet search (and for that matter, this podcast) reflects this fact perfectly. The question now, as he says, is how are we going to be found?" (InfoSpeak, 1-18-06)

For those of us who remember, Joe was the keynote speaker at the 28th Annual ALAO convention in 2002. He is also the American Libraries Columnist, Internet Librarian.