ALAO Leadership Retreat

Monday and Tuesday (June 13 & 14) the annual ALAO leadership retreat was held at the Inn at Honeyrun in Millersburg, OH. During the business meeting, it was my responsibility to contribute CMCIG's yearly report for 2004-2005 and indicate something new, or of interest, being considered by the Interest Group. I was happy to report we had a new co-chair, Greg Martin, and that we were currently working with a CMCIG blog for the November conference.

Our blog generated a great deal of interest among board members (an ALAO blog is being considered) and other IG chairs. As promised, I did not reveal the topic currently under discussion, or divulge the blog address. I did encourage attendance at the CMCIG sponsored session in November!

Thanks for your continued work on this worthwhile project.


Books on Blogs and Blogging

I recently purchased two books for the library with blogging as a topic. The first is Who Let the Blogs Out, by Biz Stone (reviews on amazon.com). This book includes background information on blogs and a chapter (6) titled 'Politics and Pupils: The impact of Blogging on Society' which is of interest to our endeavor as it discusses instances of blogging in education. The second title is Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq, by Riverbend (reviews on amazon.com). It is hard copy of the author's blog accounting of the war in Iraq and is a personal statement on how blogging has changed the landscape of reporting and first hand accounts of people and countries at war.

Is anyone familair with either of these titles? I have read the first and just checked out the second (fresh off of the new book shelf) today.