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Diane - your IRC blog looks great. Have you had much response to the blog from students or faculty? Have you been able to determine if it's being used (is that the right word for a blog?) Did the blog replace some previous form of communication, such as a written or electronic newsletter?


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Diane Schrecker said...

Thanks Greg!

There are not many posted comments to the IRC blog, but it has been well received by my student workers and various faculty members I have been working with so far this term. We are only a week in to the term, so I am reserving judgement. And, no, I don't have any specific statistics concerning it's use (unlike the IRC web page).

Is it replacing another form of communication? Yes. It is supplementing the existing IRC 'What's New' page and completely replacing the book lists I compile throughout the year of IRC and library purchases. Right now I have two of my student workers posting. This blog frees an incredible amount of time for me throughout the term. I don't have to do the yearly book lists, it lets people know immediately when new items arrive, and the students are having fun posting items as well. I still contact faculty individually when they request books, but all other titles are posted on the blog.

We are considering a blog for the graduate assistants in 131/504. It would be a tool for communication between the IRC student workers, the graduate assistants, and specifically for students taking the class.

Hope this answers your questions. Let me know.