Common Core Links

   It was so nice to get together for the CMCIG Roundtable at the annual conference last week.  At our Common Core discussion  I mentioned some links that were helpful to me and I thought I would share them here.

The Chicago Public Schools 2012 Purchasing List has a nice explanation of how they selected the books while keeping the CCSS in mind.  You can find that here: http://cpslibraries.wikispaces.com/purchasinglistscurrent

Another CCSS link at the top of my list right now is three part webinar series from School Library Journal. The first one is available as a recording and the next two have yet to be presented.   They are free and well worth your time since they are aimed at librarians.  http://www.slj.com/webcasts/commoncore/#_

My own Libguide on the Common Core is still a work in progress, and that can be checked out here:  http://libguides.bgsu.edu/commoncore

Happy Reading, Kathy Yoder
Bowling Green State University

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Mr. B said...

Thank you for the post. Here is where I am curating resources http://commoncoreessentials.posterous.com/