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Browsing through ALA Direct this morning there was a link in the "Seen Online" section regarding graphic novels highlighted an Associated Press article from the International Heral Tribune; As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so do challenges. This article touches on issues regarding the graphic element in graphic novels and the important issue of these novels not always being for children. Graphic novel collections in academic libraries differ from graphic novels in public libraries. An academic library is purchasing to support a curriculum and a public library purchases to support the public. While the two overlap in many ways, each library is following a collection development and selection policy for purchases, there is a definite distinction in the resulting novels being added. From the article:
"Sales of graphic novels have more than tripled from $75 million in 2001. Milton Griepp, chief executive of ICV2, which tracks the pop culture marketplace, estimated libraries add another 5 percent to 10 percent to those retail sales figures."

"The Chicago-based American Library Association said it knows of at least 14 challenges relating to graphic novels in U.S. libraries over the past two to three years."

"The issue has become prevalent enough that the ALA, the National Coalition Against Censorship and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund earlier this year put out a set of recommendations for librarians looking to begin their own graphic novel collections but wanting to avoid controversy."

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