Podcasting from the Blog?

Hi -- For a couple of terms I had my students looking a blogs with audio (like tofuhut.blogspot.com.) Now one of our teacher education faculty is having her students identify podcasts and is also encouraging them to do their own podcasts. I'm wondering if we can not-so-sublty work audio or podcasting into our presentation, too. I'm doing the children's literature focus and thinking that surely someone is reading kid's books aloud on their blog??? Actually, it might be an interesting way to practice oral interpretation / dramatic readings. -- Mary


Diane Schrecker said...

I think this is a great idea Mary. I know several instructors here have their students read/present children's literature on video. This would ideally be the next step in technology? Do we have to be concerned with any copyright issues with a book being read and posted?

Jen B said...

I think it's an interesting idea to work in as well. There are definitely copyright concerns with a book being read and posted. Without the permission of the publisher, it's probably a big no-no. I remember reading on a public library listserv about a library who did a radio show and wanted to read a book on the air, but had issues getting past copyright.